Time is running faster than me

So... It's been a while.
I've been having really busy days.
Basically my course is ending and I have so many projects to make. One of it is huge!
I don't even have time to make videos anymore, not even post here.


All I can think of is that I literally have so little time to live.

I have been really lucky to have found someone that likes to spend time with me just as much as I and with that we've been together every Saturday since we met. We both have school projects that we try to hurry so we can go out...

I have to say, it has been a really big challenge for me to manage everything.

My work gives me headaches with the many trouble it gives me and the public transports are slowly making me crazier everyday. I literally have a story about how someone irritated me on the bus (or other) everyday!

Again, I'm really lucky to have found someone so nice.
Hopefully our friendship will only grow from here because honestly, I really need someone right now.
So much happened this year and it's only on half way!

Sometimes I fell like time is running faster than me, I can't keep up with everything all together.

I hope this wasn't too depressing, I'm just having a very hard time. See you next time!
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When you need to save money

So ever since I started saving money to pay for my course I noticed a lot of things I needed/wanted to buy.

It becomes harder to save when your wishlist keeps growing...

First I wanted better clothes, winter was aproaching and I literally had nothing warm enough. This year's winter feels colder than the ones before, I swear!
I wanted a rain-jacket but they're so expensive... Later I found out that the one I was checking had been on sale (30€!!!) and I failed to buy it...
Anyway I started by making sure I had at least money to pay for 4/5 months of my course and only then I started buying warmer and better quality clothing. After that I began saving again because that was all I needed.

It's hard saving money and wanting to go out because you know you have to control your spendings or just not spend at all.

That's what I did.

I stopped going out because I didn't want to waste my money. I started thinking that my course is more important to me and that you don't need money to have fun.

Today I can finally say I collected all the money I need for both my course and for public transport's passport. I honestly can't express how happy that makes me feel.

During this time I have been planning on what I'll be using my money from now on and I can say I'm pretty confident I will manage that!

I hope I inspired you somehow to start saving for the things you want.
And even if your wishlist keeps growing don't forget to do what's the most important thing to you!
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